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Amethyst Biomat

Relief, Calm, Comfort

The Amethyst Biomat has been found to benefit:

  • Episodes of chronic pain

  • Feelings of stress and worry

  • Circulation

  • Emotions

  • Energy levels

​Enjoy ultimate wellness in the comfort of our Crystal Room.  Relieve pain, detox and ease your mind as you relax and enjoy the benefits of the Amethyst Biomat.  

Amethyst Biomat Advantages

Relieve Pain, Strains and Sprains

Infrared therapy is known to relieve chronic pain such as minor muscular back pain and joint pain.  The Amethyst Biomat produces a significant amount of far infrared light, without being hot to the touch. Infrared light offers a powerful and natural form of pain relief.   For existing injuries, such as strains or sprains, or other soft tissue injuries, heat is the best treatment.   So, you can use the Amethyst Biomat close to a body injury and in a variety of ways to achieve relief​.

Manage Stress 

The Amethyst Biomat provides the most relaxing stress relieving effects.  The Amethyst crystals allow a natural calming experience.  Also, because you can lie down, it is easier to decrease negative feelings associated with stress, worry, sadness and anxiety.   

Increase Circulation

Whole-body infrared therapy, can increase the temperature of the body, and improve circulation greatly.  The capillaries expand, and the hands and feet become warm, in the effort to shed excess heat.  This extra blood flow allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells and allows wastes to be rapidly exported.


​​Heighten Relaxation

Deep relaxation has been known to have many health benefits for improved health and well-being.  The Amethyst Biomat can allow you to experience a state of deep relaxation.  Calm your nerves, regain your natural sleep patterns, overcome fears, lower blood pressure, diminish emotional upsets, plus more healthful benefits. 

Enhance Energy Levels

Balance your energy!  Sense negative ionization and the effect it has on your body as an important source of energy.  After use you may experience a boost of energy or a decrease in energy.  If you experience a decrease it is because your body is cleansing and restoring at deep cellular levels. Keep hydrated to assist your body with going through this process easily.

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Balance Your Mind and Body

Our 17 layered designed Biomat generates a powerful and gentle source of far infrared deep penetrating light.  The production of far infrared light is known to address imbalances at a cellular level providing chronic pain relief and eliminating toxins.  Amethyst crystals are safely heated to help to produce clear thought, generate negative ions and heightened relaxation.  This hot crystal therapy delivers a warming and calming sense of comfort and wellness.   

Whether you are looking to ease pain, detox your body or relax your mind, our Amethyst Biomat can give you what you desire.  You choose the type of session you would like to experience, feel the relaxing effect of detoxification as you renew your whole body, relieve minor muscle pain, reduce stress and fatigue, relax and feel the gentle soothing warmth.  Simply bring a pair of light weight shorts and your favorite T-shirt and allow the qualities of the Amethyst Biomat to stimulate your mind and body. 

Disclaimer:   *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner.