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FAR Infrared Sauna

Detox, Relax, Reward

Infrared Sauna sessions have been found to be beneficial with:

  • Releasing the build-up of toxins in your body

  • Preventing future common illness

  • Burning up to 600 calories

  • Reducing wrinkles

  • Soothing sore muscles

  • Relaxation

  • Relieving stress

At AGLOW Salt Spa and Wellness you experience several benefits when you detox, relax and reward yourself in our Far Infrared Sauna on a regular basis.

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Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Cleanses and Flushes Toxins 

Deep sweating in an infrared sauna can help reduce levels of common toxins that are picked up from the environment such as copper, zinc, lead, mercury and nickel.  Cleansing the skin through sweat rinses the bacteria out of the epidermal layer and sweat ducts improving circulation, bringing about a soft and beautiful complexion. 

Soothes Aches and Pains in Joints and Muscles

FAR infrared sauna helps the natural process of the release of endorphins, a pain relieving chemical that the ability to extinguish pain from arthritis, physical workouts and soreness.  As you enjoy your time, your blood flow will increase and speeds up your body's natural healing process, relieving aches and pains, increasing circulation and dilating blood vessels.


Relaxes/Relieves Stress

Research shows that it is a clear fact that the majority of the disease is stress related. The infrared sauna provides stress relief in numerous ways: The "after sauna glow" is brought on by the heat of the sauna by improving circulation and the release of endorphins.  A quiet and soothing therapeutic heat so you can experience a warming of your body from the inside out.  

Induces a Deeper Sleep

Research shows that a deeper sleep can result from the use of an infrared sauna. When body temperatures are raised in the late evening the endorphins are released, it facilitates better sleep.  Our FAR infrared dry sauna is extremely comfortable and promotes ultimate relaxation and sleep. 

Relieves Congestion-Fights Illness

Infrared sauna use helps the body produce white blood cells more rapidly than normal which helps to fight illness.  It is important to get rid of these toxins and a dry sauna detox may help you to relieve your symptoms, prevent future illness and increase your overall physical and emotional wellness.

Burns Calories

Sweating is the best process by which calories are burned. When the heart activity increases, demanding more oxygen, the body begins to convert calories into energy.  This energy boost may even shrink your belly fat.


Cardiovascular Improvement

Comparable to moderate exercise, regular infrared sauna usage allows the circulatory system to experience increased circulation and oxygenation while lowering blood pressure. 


Enjoy the energy of a full spectrum of visible light and color enhancement with chromotherapy (color therapy). Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust and balance your body's vibrations to frequencies that result in harmony and well-being.  Chromotherapy sauna benefits include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  

Your Sauna Experience

Your sauna experience can be a personal private retreat or a relaxing environment created for two.  The sauna room is ideal for quiet conversation, openness and intimacy.  The helpful effects of sound and vibration are combined to bring your body to a deeper state of relaxation. Listening to soothing music and feeling it resonate throughout the body stimulates the body's natural relaxation response.

Disclaimer:  You must not rely on this information as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional health care provider.